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Atlas Services


(Example: We receive your package, or client walk-in, on Monday, passport will be ready for pick up (or shipping) by Wednesday afternoon (Excluding Federal Holidays)

Passport Services

New Passport Requirements - 2 DAYS PROCESSING

A. Prepare these documents - continued:
Did you remember to print the authorization form? (Two originals are required)

B. Take above documents to local clerk of the court, or a Passport Agent at a Post Office:
Sign the application in front of the clerk/agent. Ask the clerk/Passport Agent to endorse the documents (applicable items 1 through 8), seal them in an official envelope, affix his/her seal on the envelope, and mark it to read: "TO BE OPENED BY PASSPORT OFFICE PERSONNEL ONLY." Do not leave the documents with the clerk/Passport Agent. Ask that the package be released to you for hand-carry-expedited processing.

C. Pay for services
  • $369.90 processing fee.
  • $49.00* ($65.00 for off-shore and Saturday deliveries) for Federal Express return of your new passport.
D. Select payment method and send the sealed envelope and processing fee to ATLAS SERVICES.

Please select the desired payment method...
    Pay using a personal check
    Pay using a credit card
    Temporarily unavailable

Please Read:
  • (Example: We receive your package on MOnday, passport will be ready by Wednesday afternoon)
  • Prices are per person per passport.
  • Due to the indivisible nature of passport service and resources engaged, no refunds can or will be issued.
  • You can also use your old expired passport for proof of citizenship. If your most recent passport (issued within the past 10 years) is lost, misplaced or stolen, then, in addition to the passport application you'll need to also complete an application "Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport" (DSP-64), and include it with your package.
  • Atlas Services provides a mere convenience service. All decisions regarding issuance, denial, suspension, rejection, or request for additional documentation(s) are strictly made by the Passport Agency. Atlas Services and its employees, in no way, expressly or impliedly, make, or can make any representations, warranties of any kind, or guarantee the issuance, or the processing time. If your documents are in order, however, the passport would be issued promptly.
  • We are not responsible for administrative errors (e.g., misspelling of name, etc.), delays caused by additional documents that may be required by the Passport Agency, for denials or suspensions, or for delays caused by delivery companies.
* Alaska residents, off-shore clients, and Saturday deliveries pay $65.00 for overnight priority delivery (certain limitations apply).